In-Home Care

Help@Hand Aged Care Placements with…


Your loved one has a special bond with home. Its means comfort, security and fond memories.

We understand that remaining at home is one of the most important factors in keeping independence and enjoying life. Sometimes that is a little easier with Help@Hand. We can place you with a professional carer who can assist with the everyday tasks that are a bit of a chore, with a friendly face and a kind smile.

We work alongside organisations that specialise in In Home Care Package Providers. These specialist organisations provide services such as:

Motivation and Companionship

Sometime tasks are just that little more enjoyable if there is someone to share them with, from doing the crossword to a stroll around the block.

  • Outings, including lunches and social activities;
  • A dedicated attendant for special events;
  • Assistance with writing correspondence;
  • Indoor-based activities such as reading or games;
  • Exercise, from a gentle work to a focused routine.

Everyday Tasks at Home

No one enjoys doing them, but they still need to be done. Assistance with household chores (even just the difficult parts) or friendly prompts to see to a task, can make a world of difference.

  • Preparation and assistance with cooking a meal;
  • General housework including vacuuming, tidying and rubbish;
  • Laundry washing, clothes-hanging and ironing;
  • Assisting with bill payments and due date management;
  • Help with medication and prescription management.

Transport-based Tasks

Being out and about is a fine thing, but it can be difficult. With support from a driver with their own car, who can also take your arm around the shopping centres, an outing is a breeze.

  • Grocery shopping and errand-running support;
  • One-off assistance with transport to special events or appointments;
  • Scheduled medical appointments or group activities;
  • Visiting with friends, or family gatherings.

Personal Care

Help with your personal care can be difficult, especially if you are recovering from an injury or illness. Professional and experienced help is at hand, for your safety.

  • Help with showering and dressing;
  • Personal hygiene and ablution assistance;
  • Assistance at meal time.